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Detective Pikachu Returns: New Pokémon & Gameplay Mechanics

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The world of Pokémon is about to get a whole lot more mysterious with the release of Detective Pikachu Returns, the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 game. The new game will once again star the one and only tough-talking, coffee-loving Detective Pikachu, as he teams up with Tim Goodman to solve a series of new crimes in Ryme City.

The Story

The story of Detective Pikachu Returns picks up a few years after the events of the first game. Tim Goodman is now a full-fledged detective, and he has been called to Ryme City to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. With the help of Detective Pikachu, Tim must unravel the mystery and find the missing people.

Along the way, Tim and Detective Pikachu will encounter a new cast of Pokémon, including some never-before-seen creatures. They will also have to face off against some dangerous criminals who are determined to stop them from solving the case.

Picture of the art work for the Detective Pikachu Returns game for the Nintendo Switch.

The Gameplay

Detective Pikachu Returns features a new and improved gameplay system that makes solving mysteries more fun than ever. Players will be able to interrogate Pokémon, gather clues, and explore a visually stunning world full of hidden secrets.

The game also features a new battle system that allows players to team up with Pokémon to fight against enemies. This system is more strategic than the one in the original game, and it will require players to carefully choose their Pokémon and moves in order to win.

The Visuals

Detective Pikachu Returns is a visually stunning game that takes full advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s hardware. The city of Ryme City is brought to life with stunning detail, and the Pokémon look more realistic than ever before.

The game also features a new lighting system that creates a more dynamic and atmospheric world. This system makes the game even more immersive, and it helps to create a sense of excitement and suspense as players solve the mystery.

The Conclusion

Detective Pikachu Returns is shaping up to be a must-play for fans of the original game and Pokémon fans in general. With a new story, new Pokémon, and new gameplay mechanics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this upcoming sequel.

Be sure to mark your calendars for October 6, 2023, when Detective Pikachu Returns will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the announcement trailer for the game by IGN!

Stay tuned for more information about Detective Pikachu Returns in the coming months!

Here are some additional details about the game:

  • The game will feature a new open-world environment for players to explore.
  • There will be a variety of new Pokémon to meet and interact with.
  • The game will feature a new battle system that is more strategic than the one in the original game.
  • The game will have a new photo mode that allows players to take pictures of their favorite Pokémon.
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